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Description: A boy is filming with a video camera.

Young person 1:

    What would you say, tell us, in the same situation?

Description: A group of children are making and eating fruit salad.

Young person 2:

    Women's Aid is not just for women; it's for children too and young people.

Young person 3:

    Its good, cos they like helped us, helped us all. And then my mum felt that she could trust us and could trust people round her to let us out; and she could trust Women's Aid to keep us when she started going for work.

Description: A group of children and adults are playing with play dough.

Young person 4:

    And they took me millions of places, and made you look on the bright side of everything. Its nice to know you've got somebody there that you can talk to and they won't judge you in any way possible.

Young person 5:

    They take you places and talk to you and you can tell them that how you're feeling. I got help and now I feel happy.

Young person 6:

    It makes you feel more confident and more like, more aware. It's also made like you a stronger person, and it's made you forget and get on with your life.

Description: A group of children are running in a park.

Young person 7:

    They let you go to, like, the safari park and swimming and all that.

Description: A group of children are paddling and jumping in the sea.

Young person 8:

    Domestic abuse, let's get over it. Being ... having a normal life cos you only get one life, so that's why we're saying 'No' - so you can have a better life.


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