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Scottish Women's Aid, and Women's Aid groups provide services for women, children and young people. 

If you're a man and you would like to talk to someone about your experiences, find out more in this section.

Why don't we provide support services for men?


We are often questioned on why we don’t campaign for, and our groups do not provide support services for men.

There is a wealth of research showing the importance of specialised services, and therefore, groups affiliated to Scottish Women’s Aid must remain specialised – providing services to women, children and young people. Women tell us that they want to be supported by women-only services, that they would be intimidated by male workers, and we would not want to make any change which would inhibit someone from seeking support.

This is not discriminatory – merely seeking to provide the most appropriate support services to victims of domestic abuse.   We also support the maintenance of funding to the Men’s Advice Line as a specialist service dealing with the particular issues faced by men experiencing domestic abuse.

Read more about men affected by domestic abuse.

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On one day in Scotland in 2014, 383 women and 302 children and young people were living in a Women's Aid refuge (SWA 2014)


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