A Burpee-athon for SWA

Posted 24, 02, 2015

Emma-Jayne Saanen

On the 21st February, 26 intrepid souls gathered to attempt a ridiculous physical feat – to complete 10,000 burpees between them. Not only did we smash that target by doing a stonking 12,206 burpees, we have managed to collect £3,841 in sponsorship for Scottish Women’s Aid.

I had a tough time at the end of 2014; I grew up with an abusive person in my life, and he is still ruining the lives of people I care about. Thanks to the positive influences in my life, like Krav Maga, I was finally able to call out this person, and people now see them for what they are – an abuser.

I am no longer a victim; I am a survivor. And there are many of us out there willing to fight in whatever way we can.  Fundraising is often the best option as people can contribute without having to disclose their histories. Abuse thrives on silence, but we don’t all have the option of speaking out.
The idea for the Burpee-thon evolved from conversations with fellow students at the Institute of Krav Maga Scotland. I had been sentenced to a ridiculous amount of burpees as punishment for leaving behind my handwraps after class. I’m terrible at burpees, and with the UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women coming up, I thought I’d make it a bit more interesting. For every burpee I managed, the students who sentenced me had to donate 50p to Scottish Women’s Aid. Conversely, for every burpee I failed I would donate 50p. It was a bit of fun, and I think we managed to raise a wee bit of money.

After a bit of conversation, the 10,000 Burpee-thon was born!

Eight Kravists, a Kravist’s partner and a Kickboxer made up the IKMS’s team, and with the help of Laura Piper at STV, we managed to encourage more people to join us; all men and women who were not daunted by the ridiculousness of the task at hand. In the Moment, a yoga and movement studio near Charing Cross, kindly provided us with a venue. We had the people, we had the place, we just needed to get it done!

After weeks of stressing, the day itself went without a hitch! Everybody was in good spirits and I was astounded at how quickly everybody blitzed through their burpees! In about 80 minutes, we smashed our target!

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to everybody who took part! Our burpee-ers were: Emoke Farkas-Krista, Louise Finlayson, Alan Clark, Rob Burgess, Steven Young, Colin McAllister, Phil Munro, Joan Barben, Emma Donnelly, Douglas Shearer, Robert Dingwall, Rizwana Ahmed, Claire Valentine, Emilia Coverdale, Laura McKenzie, Judith Graham, Aileen Webster, Leigh Howie, Chris Leslie, Rachel Donald, Sharon Kiewiet, Neil Mulrine, Michael O’Neil, Julie McKenzie and Mark MacAllister. We were also supported by Stephen Clark and Jacqueline Kent, both of whom kept track of the burpee count and looked after our participants.

I will be organising a Burpee-thon for next year, with a higher target! Keep your eyes peeled for news of it.
If you wish to learn more about Krav Maga training, take a look at www.ikms.co.uk, and I can be found at www.urbanimal.co.uk

Additional info
Photos and videos of the Burpeethon can be found at: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/k83yavkdorysk39/AADpGuqUY7VxrY-d-d7xT4cNa?dl=0



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