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Posted | 19, 02, 2015

1 shade of an unhealthy relationship

For many people, domestic abuse is understood as a moment, an incident- where you wake up one day and suddenly your partner hits you, when the football’s on, or when he’s had too much to drink, or when you’ve had a row that’s got out of hand. The reality is much, much more complicated and much, much more everyday.

Posted | 01, 12, 2014

Social immunity: speaking out against power

Social immunity: speaking out against power

Ellie Hutchinson: On Sunday, we co-hosted a screening of “The Whistleblower” a fantastic, albeit, harrowing true story on UN corruption, corporate security forces, diplomatic immunity, rape and torture. Which may not seem the best way to spend your Sunday, but it was a really rewarding and thought provoking event.   


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