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Posted | 20, 12, 2010

We want to live in a world where no-one is afraid

With the festive period just around the corner, we at Scottish Women’s Aid want to wish you all a peaceful, safe and restful holiday.  As fitting with New Year’s tradition, we wanted to take the time to reflect on the past year and think about the future.

Posted | 14, 12, 2010

This week's highlights

Here are some of the ideas you've sent us on what you're doing to stop domestic abuse. Working as a childrens worker for womens aid i always find that people ie friends and family ask me about my job.I find that this is a good way of getting the message across that domestic abuse is wrong.

Posted | 09, 12, 2010

Raising awareness across the board

Hi, my name is Lisa and I work with Shakti Women’s Aid. My job title is “Information & Education worker” with particular focus on children and young people’s issues, which can involve anything from delivering domestic abuse workshops in schools and running projects, to training voluntary and statutory workers to be more aware of how domestic abuse can affect young people, particularly those from Black/Minority Ethnic (BME) communities. In reality, my job can also include some direct support work: it helps to be flexible!

Posted | 06, 12, 2010

A parent tells their son that domestic abuse is not ok

I wanted to write something about my commitment to ending domestic abuse. Part of what I’ve done is tell my son that domestic abuse isn’t ok.  A lot of parents probably have concerns that conversations with very young children about domestic abuse are inappropriate, and I can empathise with those concerns.  However, if we look at the root cause of domestic abuse-that is, gender inequality, there are always opportunities to explore the oddities of that particular oppression.  

Posted | 06, 12, 2010

How you are working to stop domestic abuse

Many thanks for your ongoing support. Here are some of the things you're doing to stop domestic abuse. I challenge myths on a daily basis and openly do not condone violence against women in all it's forms. Improved Scottish legal responses to domestic abuse by developing crime of stalking and working on Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Bill

Posted | 02, 12, 2010

This week's highlights

This week has been a really busy and exciting week for us at Scottish Women's Aid. Here's some of our highlights. We launched the campaign with the support of Cathie Peattie MSP at the Scottish Parliament Received over 380 pledges Heard what people are doing to stop domestic abuse in their community Watched this advert from South Africa

Posted | 30, 11, 2010

Listening to children and young people to stop domestic abuse

Kirstie Farmer, Participation Worker. Domestic Abuse is, without doubt, a Children’s Rights issue. Children and young people’s experiences of living with domestic abuse can seriously limit their ability to enjoy their rights as set under the Convention for the Rights of the Child. During the summer of 2010, I had the privilege to work with a group of 11 young people from across the country, some with experience of domestic abuse ,some without.

Posted | 26, 11, 2010

together we can stop it

Since we launched last night, we've had an amazing number of pledges, suggestions and support from people. Thank you to everyone who has sent in suggestions and signed the pledge. Here's some that have come through this morning: I pledge to do everything in my power to stop domestic abuse including all of the above and campaigning for equality.

Posted | 25, 11, 2010

What would you do to stop domestic abuse?

We asked our followers on twitter and facebook to get in touch and tell us how they would stop domestic abuse. Here are some of their ideas: encourage men to speak out when they witness among family/friends cover the issues in schools to educate and hopefully break the cycle of DA commumity [sic] outreach to male dominated areas like football matches or ...   running preventitive [sic] classes for men and women covering things like anger mgt, self esteem, communication skills etc

Posted | 24, 11, 2010

Tell People that Domestic Abuse is Not Ok

Nel Whiting, Trainer.


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