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Posted | 18, 12, 2012

fear stops her talking, fear stops you asking, asking are you ok breaks the silence.

Ellie Hutchinson

Posted | 14, 12, 2012

On Being: Powerful – What does it mean to be a woman? A Celebration of Strength and Sisterhood.

Fiona Buchanan. Information Administration Worker

Posted | 11, 12, 2012

Stop domestic abuse - talk about it

As the stories of the women featured in our campaign show, the effects of domestic abuse are far-reaching, and it isn’t always easy for women to leave, but having support around can make a huge difference. Domestic abuse can leave women feeling lonely and isolated. Knowing that people believe what they’re going through, and want to help, really can enable women to escape abusers. Talking to friends and family can be the first step towards seeking help – when approaching the police, or a service like Women’s Aid can seem too daunting.

Posted | 06, 12, 2012

Forced marriage training;Get clued up and follow the one chance rule

Nel Whiting. Scottish Women’s Aid Nel is the Learning & Development Coordinator for Scottish Women’s Aid. Her job involves providing training about domestic abuse and  other forms of gender based violence to a range of professionals throughout Scotland. She holds an MLitt in Humanities (Women, Culture & Society), and has recently been awarded the Leah Leneman Prize for new writing in gender history

Posted | 05, 12, 2012

The cost of coffee

Jo Ozga. Housing Policy Worker, Scottish Women's Aid Jo joined SWA in 2004 as a Policy worker and has been responsible for progressing policy responses in relation to women and children becoming homeless as a result of domestic abuse.  Jo has a background in social housing, previously working as a housing manager in a community based housing association where she managed accommodation and support services for a range of vulnerable client groups. 

Posted | 30, 11, 2012

The stories behind the incidents - "Why doesn't she just leave?"

"It sounds easy, you know – 'he was violent so I ended the marriage' - but especially when you’ve got kids it’s really, really hard...." Imagine living in such terror that sometimes it’s easier to stay with that constant threat, than face the unknown if you decided to break away?

Posted | 29, 11, 2012

Invitation to:On being powerful

What does it mean to be a woman? A Celebration of Strength and Sisterhood. A women-only safe space for sharing our thoughts on power (positive and negative) in our lives, our relationships, our faith communities. How do we support one another, grieve our losses, come together in times of crisis, and celebrate our triumphs? We imagine the answers are as varied as there are women.

Posted | 29, 11, 2012

Children and Young people give mark of approval to women's aid in Scotland.

[caption id="attachment_1047" align="alignleft" width="150"] One of the entries to our NSS logo competition[/caption]

Posted | 26, 11, 2012

I get it

As part of the 16 days of activism we launched a tumblr with young people aged 16-25 to talk about healthy relationships.

Posted | 26, 11, 2012

16 days of action and interfaith week

On the UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, which this year fell in Interfaith Week, we launched our multi-faith poster ‘Standing Together Against Domestic Abuse’.


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