Children and Young People

Children and Young People

Children and young people experiencing domestic abuse can have their safety and well-being severely undermined as a result of living with domestic abuse. It is important that they are identified, supported and protected by agencies coming into contact with them. This does not always happen which can lead to very poor outcomes for them.

The links between domestic abuse and child protection are not always recognised with domestic abuse often being inappropriately named as ‘marital conflict’. The focus may also be on mental health or alcohol abuse which may be as a consequence of the abuse and not what presents the most immediate threat or danger. While there is some evidence of improved responses that demonstrate a better understanding of the nature of domestic abuse; it is still common for practitioners to either minimise or ‘mask’ it or to hold the non-abusing parent responsible for keeping her and her children safe rather than giving a clear message that the perpetrator is both responsible for the abusive behaviour and for stopping it.

We work closely with the Scottish Government on all relevant children’s policy to ensure that service provision adequately reflects the needs of children and young people experiencing domestic abuse, and to ensure that support is available where needed to help improve outcomes.  Our aim is to ensure that all children and young people experiencing domestic abuse:

  • are identified and protected from further harm
  •  are able to develop their full potential
  • receive a coordinated response along with their non-abusing parent from agencies who share information appropriately and safely
  • receive services that are systematically planned and co-ordinated in each local area.


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On one day in Scotland in 2014, 383 women and 302 children and young people were living in a Women's Aid refuge (SWA 2014)


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