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About Us

About Scottish Women's Aid

Scottish Women's Aid is the lead organisation in Scotland working towards the prevention of domestic abuse. We play a vital role campaigning and lobbying for effective responses to domestic abuse.

An important aspect of our work is ensuring that women and children who have experienced domestic abuse get the services they need, both from local Women’s Aid groups and from the agencies they are likely to contact.

Our members are local Women’s Aid groups which provide specialist services to women, children and young people. These include safe refuge accommodation, information and support.

We provide advice, information, training and publications to members and non-members.

What We Do

Scottish Women’s Aid plays a key role campaigning and lobbying for effective responses to domestic abuse. We work with policy makers, politicians, the Police, and people working with children, young people and women.

We campaign and lobby on issues relating to "honour" based violence, forced marriage, welfare reform, FGM, revenge porn and children's rights. We strive to ensure our work is meaningful to all women and children experiencing domestic abuse, including trans women, black and ethnic minority women, women with disabilities, older women and young women and girls.

We represent the collective voice of our 36 member groups – whose role is to offer refuge accommodation and a variety of support services to women, children and young people who are trying to escape domestic abuse.

We work with them to ensure that funding and support continues to be made available, so that they can continue their invaluable work.

Ultimately SWA exists to raise awareness of domestic abuse amongst policy makers and the public alike, in order that together, we can stop domestic abuse.

We do this in a number of ways:

Policy and campaigning

Scottish Women’s Aids key role is campaigning for better responses to domestic abuse – from the government, justice system and the authorities. We sit on the Scottish Parliament Cross Party Group on Men’s Violence Against Women and Children. We also provide advice and consultation responses where relevant.

We research and gather data on issues surrounding domestic abuse so that we can provide a sound and informed response that will impact positively on domestic abuse policy making.

We also gather data from our own groups and publish statistics on the use of Women’s Aid services in Scotland. Read more about our policy work. Read about our campaigns

Training & Events

Scottish Women’s Aid provides a comprehensive training programme for members and non-members alike. We provide a regular training session for new and established police officers, and also deliver training to the Crown Office, local authorities, other third sector organisations and the NHS. We can offer bespoke training to any private or public sector organisation.

We also collaborate with Queen Margaret University to deliver a course on Gender Justice, Masculinities and Violence.
More information on our training and to see our training schedule for 2015-2016.


We publish a wide range of publications and downloadable resources for use by members and non-members, and will be further developing the range available over the next year. We can also provide advice and information to organisations on issues related to domestic abuse. Find out more


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Non-consensual sharing of intimate media (NCSIM) is a form of abuse

Read the results of our survey on NCSIM (otherwise known as "revenge porn")



Facts & Figures

On one day in Scotland in 2014, 67 women and 46 children and young people contacted Women's Aid for the very first time (SWA 2014)


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