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Posted 26, 11, 2010

Since we launched last night, we've had an amazing number of pledges, suggestions and support from people. Thank you to everyone who has sent in suggestions and signed the pledge. Here's some that have come through this morning:

  • I pledge to do everything in my power to stop domestic abuse including all of the above and campaigning for equality.
  • I am a solicitor working in Lanarkshire and deal only with family law and predominantly with domestic abuse victims, everyday.  I am passionately supportive of this campaign, personally and professionally. This morning I was listening to nicky campbells radio 5 live phone in about domestic abuse and became so frustrated at some of the misconceptions being aired about domestic abuse by some callers that I phoned in and spoke out against it.
  • as an historian I have come across incidents of domestic violence in Scotland in the 19th century, and discussed this amongst undergraduate students to indicate the nature and longevity of the problem.
  • Let women know there is help out there.. Contact Women's Aid.
  • Tonight I distributed leaflets in my church hall about an event to take place next week re. domestic abuse. Tomorrow I will set up a stall at a conference on same topic in local town hall with leaflets about our group and the event we have organised for Monday- Friday next week. We are an Inter-Faith Group on D.A.

Not only is it fantastic to see so many people take the pledge, it's brilliant to see such a variety of actions and people getting involved. Together, we can stop it.


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