The Carloway Report

As a result of the decision of the UK Supreme Court in the case of HMA v Cadder in October 2010, which radically changed Scottish criminal procedure regarding the questioning of detained subjects, the Scottish Government asked Lord Carloway to undertake a review of Scots criminal law and practice. The Carloway Report was published in November 2011 and recommended an extensive and radical package of reforms to modernise the Scottish criminal justice system, such as the removal of the requirement for corroboration.

We responded to both the initial consultation, and to the Scottish Government’s subsequent proposals following the Report’s recommendations. Of particular interest are the reform of the requirement for corroboration and proposals to extend the powers of police to liberate suspects and accused.

We are working with legal professionals and other organisations in the violence against women field to assess the potential implications and unforeseen consequences of the recommendations.

Read our response to the Carloway Report.

Read our response to Reforming Scots Criminal Law and Practice: Additional Safeguards Following the Removal of the Requirement for Corroboration Consultation Paper

Read our response to the Justice Committee’s call for evidence on the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Bill and our latest briefing linked to SWA Manager Lily Greenan's oral evidence to the Justice Committee on Tuesday 3 December. Video link

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On one day in Scotland in 2013, 37 women and 22 children and young people asked for refuge accommodation, but Women's Aid were unable to find suitable spaces for 19 women and five children and young people (SWA 2013)


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