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Publications & Resources

Publications and reports are available in these pages. Some are restricted to members only. You may need to download the latest (free) version of Adobe Acrobat to view these publications.

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Publication | 23, 06, 2017

Scottish Women’s Aid submission to the Local Government and Communities Committee

Read Scottish Women’s Aid's submission to the Local Government and Communities Committee | June 2017.

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Publication | 26, 05, 2017

Destitution, Asylum and Insecure Immigration Status in Scotland - our written evidence to the Scottish Parliament

'SWA welcomes the opportunity to provide a written submission to the EHRiC’s inquiry into the destitution of people who are seeking asylum or have insecure immigration status. We focus this response specifically on women at risk of domestic abuse and other forms of violence against women, who experience destitution as a consequence of their immigration status.

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Publication | 25, 05, 2017

Scottish Women's Aid submission to the Social Security Committee on Child Tax Credits

Scottish Women’s Aid welcomes this opportunity to provide evidence to the Social Security Committee.

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Publication | 18, 05, 2017

Funding Survey - 2015/16

Every year we measure the impact of funding cuts on domestic abuse services for women and children in Scotland. Download this document to find out more.

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Publication | 25, 04, 2017

Scottish Women's Aid & Rape Crisis Scotland joint briefing on Child Tax Credits

Scottish Women’s Aid and Rape Crisis Scotland are fundamentally opposed to both the family cap, and the associated rape clause. Ahead of the introduction of these policies at the beginning of April, we announced that we would not and could not collude by acting as third party reporters for the Department of Work and Pensions.

Read our joint briefing for more information.

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Publication | 07, 02, 2017

Scottish Women's Aid's submission to the inquiry into supported housing funding reform

Scottish Women's Aid’s submission to the joint inquiry by the Work and Pensions Committee and the Communities and Local Government Committee into the Government's funding reform for supported housing.



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Publication | 12, 12, 2016

Census Day 2016

Cheryl Sutherland, Researcher at Scottish Women’s Aid said:

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Publication | 09, 12, 2016

Good Practice in Commissioning Specialist Domestic Abuse Services

SWA and COSLA have developed this guidance to support good practice in the commissioning of services for women and children affected by domestic abuse. We are committed to ensuring that provision reflects local and national commitments to domestic-abuse-competent specialist services, whilst supporting local authorities to deliver best value and the most appropriate services with the resources available.

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Publication | 02, 11, 2016

Scottish Women’s Aid response to the Scottish Government Consultation on Social Security in Scotland, October 2016

Scottish Women’s Aid welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Scottish Government’s consultation on social security in Scotland.  With our partners at Engender, Close the Gap, the Scottish Refugee Council and Carers Scotland, we have consistently worked to highlight the links between women’s inequality and the current social security system. Together we have highlighted how the Scottish Government can use its new powers over social security to increase women’s equality and tackle the underlying cause of domestic abuse.

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Publication | 08, 09, 2016

Capping social housing rents: the impact on refuges in Scotland

Scottish Women's Aid research into housing benefit cuts (2016) and the impact on refuges in Scotland

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Nearest SWA Group

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Staying Safe

If you need immediate help contact Women's Aid, the police domestic abuse liaison officer or your local social work office.

You can also phone Scotland's domestic abuse and forced marriage helpline on 0800 027 1234

Current Activities

Non-consensual sharing of intimate media (NCSIM) is a form of abuse

Read the results of our survey on NCSIM (otherwise known as "revenge porn")



Facts & Figures

On one day in Scotland in 2014, 45 women and 25 children and young people asked for refuge accommodation, but Women's Aid groups were unable to find suitable spaces for 16 women and nine children and young people (SWA 2014)

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