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Publications & Resources

Publications and reports are available in these pages. Some are restricted to members only. You may need to download the latest (free) version of Adobe Acrobat to view these publications.

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Publication | 26, 05, 2017

Destitution, Asylum and Insecure Immigration Status in Scotland - our written evidence to the Scottish Parliament

'SWA welcomes the opportunity to provide a written submission to the EHRiC’s inquiry into the destitution of people who are seeking asylum or have insecure immigration status. We focus this response specifically on women at risk of domestic abuse and other forms of violence against women, who experience destitution as a consequence of their immigration status.

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Publication | 18, 05, 2017

Funding Survey - 2015/16

Every year we measure the impact of funding cuts on domestic abuse services for women and children in Scotland. Download this document to find out more.

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Publication | 14, 06, 2016

Gender Matters in Social Security

Publication | 09, 09, 2013

Domestic Abuse and Gender Inequality: An Overview of the Current Debate

This briefing from the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships was co-authorted by a team of six, including Scottish Women's Aid's Learning and Development Worker Nel Whiting, and provides an overview of the current debate surrouding domestic abuse and gender inequality.

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Publication | 05, 12, 2012

Position Statement: Men Affected by Domestic Abuse

Scottish Women’s Aid acknowledges that men do experience violence and abuse in their intimate relationships and the perpetrators can be other men or women. This paper provides an overview of the key research findings on men affected by domestic abuse, highlights some of the main areas of controversy and outlines Scottish Women’s Aid position on the issue.

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Publication | 07, 11, 2012

What is coercive control?

Coercive control is a term developed by Evan Stark to help us understand domestic abuse as more than a "fight". It is a pattern of behaviour which seeks to take away the victim’s liberty or freedom, to strip away their sense of self. It is not just women’s bodily integrity which is violated but also their human rights. Download our briefing paper to find out more. 

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Publication | 01, 01, 2007

What can contemporary gender theory contribute to understanding of violence in same sex relationships?

Argues that, far from excluding or overlooking abuse in same sex relationships, a gender-based analysis of domestic abuse and contemporary gender theory can assist considerably in our understanding of such abuse.

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If you need immediate help contact Women's Aid, the police domestic abuse liaison officer or your local social work office.

You can also phone Scotland's domestic abuse and forced marriage helpline on 0800 027 1234

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Non-consensual sharing of intimate media (NCSIM) is a form of abuse

Read the results of our survey on NCSIM (otherwise known as "revenge porn")



Facts & Figures

On one day in Scotland in 2013, 37 women and 22 children and young people asked for refuge accommodation, but Women's Aid were unable to find suitable spaces for 19 women and five children and young people (SWA 2013)

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