Stop Domestic Abuse - Case Studies

Stop Domestic Abuse - Case Studies

At Women's Aid we have supported many women, children and young people experiencing domestic abuse. Some of them would like to share their stories.
Maria's story | Anya's story | Malika's story | David's story. Living in refuge as a child | Hope for the Future | Support when you're not in refuge

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Case | 12, 10, 2012

David's Story: Living in Refuge as a Child

We were trying to escape violence off my dad, he was quite an abusive partner for my mum and quite an abusive parent to his children. It had got to the point where we had to get away from that situation, and so we sought to go into a refuge and Women’s Aid were there for us. We went in when I was about eight years old..

Case | 12, 10, 2012

Hope for the Future with Women's Aid

When I first contacted Women’s Aid, I was terrified.

Not of my abusive ex, but of what EWA might say. Apart from my GP, no professional had taken me seriously before - and I didn’t blame them. After all, I’d been divorced from my abuser for several years, he’d never put me in hospital, I’d managed to keep the roof over me and my daughter’s heads…so surely, I was wasting their valuable time? I was convinced I’d be told to get a grip.

Case | 12, 10, 2012

Support When You're Not in Refuge

I was in a mentally abusive relationship for twelve years. [It] started very slowly, thought he loved me, moved from the other side of the country up to Edinburgh, taken away from all my family, my friends. I was pregnant at the time and it was just so isolating being expecting and coming up here. 

Case | 15, 08, 2012

Malika's Story

My ex was violent, alcoholic and would beat me up. Because I was new to Scotland I did not know what to do.  I went to the GP and saw the poster for Women’s Aid.  I contacted Women’s Aid and they sent a taxi to my place to collect me.

Case | 31, 07, 2012

Maria's Story

Case | 10, 07, 2012

Anya's Story

I was married to a Scotsman and had a baby daughter to him. I left my two sons in Russia to come to Scotland to have the baby as my husband had said it was better that way. [He said] once the baby was born he would pay the fares for my sons to join me.

I arrived two months before the baby was born and from that point my husband abused me in a psychological and emotional way. He kept me locked in and would only let me out the house if I was accompanied by him. I asked that my sons be allowed to join me and he kept putting it off.

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If you need immediate help contact Women's Aid, the police domestic abuse liaison officer or your local social work office.

You can also phone the domestic abuse helpline on 0800 027 1234

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