Talking helps

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Description: Two children and an adult are playing in a park.

Young person 1:

    Keeping stuff to yourself is not good. Before I told them I had a sore arm, and when I told my teachers and that, it was all over, so.

Description: A group of children are playing football on a beach.

Young person 2:

    You do get happier and if you just tell somebody, that's what will happen.

Young person 3:

    My life's not been any more difficult. And I'm quite happy that, that I blurted it out cause otherwise I would probably be depressed all the time.

Young person 4:

    I feel better now cos there's no violence or anything in the house anymore.


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On one day in Scotland in 2014, 67 women and 46 children and young people contacted Women's Aid for the very first time (SWA 2014)


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